Behind The Design: Acorn Lantern

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A versatile and portable outdoor light to brighten everyday moments

Behind The Design: Acorn Lantern

Whether it's dining, reading or throwing a party, enjoying the outdoors after dark isn’t possible without weather-suitable lighting. Enter, the new Acorn Lantern. The Acorn Lantern is our ode to fun and functional design with the added convenience of outdoor durability, long-lasting battery and wireless control. You’ll love the lights soft, LED glow, tactile finish, and adjustable brightness.

The idea, and name, for the Acorn Lantern started with the stem. Running through the center of the light, the stem is a unique ergonomic element that allows for the ‘flipping’ effect that is core to Acorn’s design. Flip it depending on the type of lighting you want: downlighting or ambient light. The stem itself is how you hold the light, hang it, or attach it to a stand. On one end, there is a nub to attach the included removable hanging loop. The rope loop can clip to together around a tree, tent or structure when you want a downlight effect.

The Acorn Lantern is portable and wireless and allows you to enjoy hours of light before needing to recharge. You’ll get up to 8 hours on the highest brightness setting and up to 24 hours of charge on lower settings. You can power on and off or dim the light with the one-touch control and it has options for step dimming or smooth dimming. You can also connect to the Acorn Lantern via Bluetooth where you can adjust the brightness and pair multiple lights around your space.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Acorn Lantern boasts a durable, scratch and water-resistant finish. It's a careful balance of form and function—it's the perfect companion for backyard gatherings, picnics, camping, and more.

The Acorn Lantern will be available in early 2024 in Putty and Charcoal. Stay updated by signing up for our email newsletter below:

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