Hank’s Law Foundation

Hank’s Law Foundation is a group of ordinary citizens who love animals and believe animal cruelty should be taken seriously. Our goal is to work together to strengthen Idaho’s anti-cruelty statutes, or encourage enforcement of animal protection laws, and provide public education on domestic/companion animal rights issues.

We plan on posting the whole journey on our Facebook page, so follow along if you’re interested. The foundation is still in the very early stages and is comprised of a group of passionate people with big plans.

Amending current laws and getting people to understand why animal rights are important is going to be a long and difficult process, especially in Idaho, which is currently ranked 46th out of all U.S. states and territories for its animal protection laws. Yikes.

The greatest privilege that comes with the freedom of speech is using your voice for those who don’t have one, and we can’t wait to start this journey.

Who We Are

Jennifer Cook
Founder & President

Pennie Collinson
Co-founder & Director of Marketing

Dakota Peacock

Robert Collinson
Director of IT

Randi Schumacher
Director of Legal Affairs

Our Mission

Hank’s story is a sad one. It starts out with an adorable Corgi/Red Heeler mix full of love — and ends with a tortured puppy that lost his voice and eventually his life at the hands of an animal abuser whose eventual punishment didn’t come close to fitting the crime he committed.

That’s because the intentional abuse of a domestic/companion animal, no matter how cruel, is only a misdemeanor, requiring at least three prior convictions before it is treated as a serious crime. Which means the abusers that commit these crimes are free to target other animals and, according to historical facts, move on to abusing humans*.

We want to help be a voice for the voiceless.

How you can help

Help us get Idaho politicians behind Hank’s Law by showing your support. Your tax-free donations will be used to educate Idaho lawmakers and citizens about animal cruelty, current ineffective law, and the connection between animal and human abuse.