Who’s Hank

Hank was a sweet corgi-heeler mix puppy that was beaten to death by his owner’s roommate while she was away. Hank’s family sought justice through the court system and Hank’s abuser was recently found guilty on two separate counts of cruelty to animals and harassment of an animal. “Great!” you might say? Unfortunately, animal abuse is only a misdemeanor in the state of Idaho.

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What is Hank’s Law Foundation?

Hank’s Law Foundation is a group of ordinary citizens who love
animals and believe animal cruelty should be taken
seriously. Our goal is to work together to strengthen
Idaho’s anti-cruelty statutes, or encourage enforcement
of animal protection laws, and provide public education
on animal rights issues.

We plan on posting the whole journey on our Facebook
page, so follow along if you’re interested. The foundation
is still in the very early stages and is comprised of a group
of passionate people with big plans.

Amending current laws and getting people to understand
why animal rights are important is going to be a long
and difficult process, especially in Idaho, which is
currently ranked 46th out of all U.S. states and territories
for its animal protection laws. Yikes.

The greatest privilege that comes with the freedom of
speech is using your voice for those who don’t have one,
and we can’t wait to start this journey.